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They have unique beverages you won't see in most coffee shops.
The quarantine period has given us coffee fans a whole new list of coffee shops to visit and more unique coffee beverages to try. If you ever find yourself in the neighborhood of Makati City and you need a coffee fix, drop ...
The city government will be paying a P2,000 daily rental fee for the jeepneys.
Jeepney drivers who were left jobless by the quarantine (and the long-ongoing phaseout of the chrome king of the streets) will be given a second chance in Makati City. The local government will be recruiting out-of-work jeepney drivers for their "Makati Mobile ...
Plus, they have other ice cream flavors from your childhood!
If you've ever snacked on that pink icy treat called scramble (or iskrambol), you know the satisfaction of scooping out and eating shaved or crushed ice flavored with brown sugar, oftentimes mixed in with gulaman, and topped with loads of powdered milk ...
Makati has plenty of heritage and culture.
When it comes to heritage walks in the city, many people think of Manila and the surrounding environs of Intramuros. But now, the wealthiest city in the Philippines is now offering a similar tour package for free, according to Makati city’s Facebook ...
Third wave coffee shops are <3
Coffee shops offer solace to students who are looking for a place to relax and focus on their work. For someone like me who goes to school in bustling Makati, I've had my share of looking for the perfect coffee shop until ...
Warm, cozy places both you and your furry friends can appreciate.
Pets are considered part of the family and as such, you’d like them to be with you during a vacation. But finding pet-friendly establishments can be difficult and, sometimes, you’re forced to leave them home. Thankfully, there are hotels and resorts where ...
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