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All incoming college freshmen, take notes!
As the world inevitably continues to change and grow, we as students often face extreme difficulty in determining the course we want to major in—specifically one that meets the demands of the 21st century. But we won't have to remain undecided for long.Lucky ...
Maybe it's best to shift before it's too late.
Choosing a college course is a major decision that we had to do when we were high school seniors in a truly YOLO moment. When the day came you had to pick a course, chances are that you were caught off-guard and ...
You didn't choose the Comm life, the Comm life chose you.
You can't sit through an entire episode without analyzing everything about it to death. Well you try to but it's like having an itch you can't help but scratch. It feels as if you are already hardwired to critique a TV show's ...
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