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You be the judge.
Have you ever had to pause what you're watching because the actress on screen looks strangely familiar? There are so many times that happened to us when we binge-watch K-Dramas or stream shows! Here we've compiled the celebrity doppelgängers we simply can't unsee. ...
Catch the Disney movie tomorrow morning!
Have you been counting down the days ever since you first saw the trailer of Teen Beach Movie? Well, the wait is over because tomorrow at 10am, you'll actually get to see the movie on the Disney Channel!To get you even more ...
Are Brady and McKenzie the new Troy and Gabriella?
This August, there's a new teen movie in town. Following High School Musical, Teen Beach Movie is Disney's super fun summer movie. With lots of singing and dancing, we're pretty sure you'll love this too!So let's see. Brady (Ross Lynch) and McKenzie ...
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