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It's basically us waiting for our crush to go online.
Thank heavens for Reese Lansangan! We finally have an aesthetically on point way to tell our crushes how we really feel about them.We're talking about Reese's new lyric video "Go Online" which she shot, directed, edited, and animated all by herself! It's ...
Make life a little less intimidating by gathering up your courage to finally say what you want to say and be brave with Sara's new single.
Sometimes nothing can be more frightening than being open about your mind and speaking up especially when you feel like you'll be judged—or worse when you're being bullied. But one of the messages in Sara's song is to be brave about it. ...
Yes please! 1D releases their new song which will get Directioners feeling over the moon! Too bad we're stuck with a lyric video but at least our ears will be satisfied!
One Direction is all kisses in their new single, "Kiss You" from their album Take Me Home out now. The song is the embodiment of the band's distinct pop tune, combined with some spice that seems to make the song even more ...
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