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Your Moon sign is all about your most intimate feelings, fears, and desires.
These days, the daily horoscope no longer cuts it. With astrology apps making shortcuts to the once-complex natal chart readings, everyone has some basic knowledge of their Big Three: Sun Sign, or motivation; Rising Sign, or public mask; and Moon Sign, or ...
All the love I have to give will be waiting for you.
From the unrequited love in high school to having a stranger turn into a lover, from breaking a friend's heart because I didn't want any sort of commitment to staying up with my friends at night because I had a fight with my ...
According to Tita Witty.
When it comes to the state of the heart, no one does real talk better than Tita Witty. Her combination of truth and wit (or sometimes, sarcasm) always does the trick. For every burn coming your way, she always has something funny ready ...
What's your default answer?
Celebrating reunions during the holidays are the best. You get to catch up with your cousins, previous classmates, or old friends. That is until someone asks you the much-dreaded question: "Kumusta na ang love life?" It's right up there along with "May boyfriend ka ...
'Speak Now' edition: Learn which T-Swift song is the soundtrack to your love life!
What makes Taylor Swift such a great singer-songwriter is that she bases her songs from experience. Find out which song is perfect for your love life ATM!What song did you get? Don't forget to tell us! ...
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