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Tunes as tributes for those who have passed away.
Inspired by Ed Sheeran's new album (have you listened to it yet?) and his heartbreaking tribute to his grandmother ("Supermarket Flowers"), we put together this week's playlist featuring tunes that are inspired or were written as a tribute to loved ones who have passed ...
A reminder of pain eternal.
In the corner where it feels the safest,silent mumbles of hushed prayers were said.Anguish, which she can't help but detest,the ache of seeing her loved one's deathbed.Meeting with the most dreadful of goodbyes,Summer did not warm Winter's shivers.A waterfall formed in her ...
Because there's no clear-cut formula on how you deal with loss.
Grief, like any other emotion, comes in many shapes and forms. It can present itself as intense as the death of a loved one or as subtle as a breakup or any sort of transition which conveys the feeling of loss. And ...
And why it's also perfectly fine if you don't.
It's so hard to write about something that is such a personal and unique experience of grief and loss. When you lose someone, something—whether it's your loved one, an actor you've admired for years, or when you have to say goodbye to ...
What have you learned from your losing moments?
That there's nothing an overnight brightening facial mask can't remedy. —Jed, Fashion and Beauty Assistant ...
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