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Here are some hair care tips.
If you've been cooped up at home for the past few months, chances are, your hair has probably grown a couple of inches long and you're contemplating whether a trip to the salon is worth it or not. The long hair look ...
Looking to sport the long-haired look?
Lately, it’s been a hot trend for guys to sport freely flowing locks. If you’re looking to grow your hair out and try the long-haired look, we consulted with celebrity hairstylist Mark Anthony Rosales for the best hairstyles to try depending on your ...
A must-know if you want longer hair, stat!
Aside from your favorite celebs choosing to make the cut, summer is probably the most tempting season to want to make the chop. Whether you're looking for a hair makeover or simply want to beat the heat, short hair promises breezier and ...
Long hair don't care!
A great deal of girls sport long locks nowadays. Some gals can't even begin to imagine what they would look like without it. However, with this distinguishable feature comes several struggles, and we're listing down some of them:Got beauty probs you want to ...
Verniece shows us how to update long hair with super cute and pretty hairstyles that are really easy to do! Check back every week for a new look.
Bored of either tying your long hair into a ponytail or just leaving it down? Let blogger and beauty enthusiast Verniece Enciso help you out as she shows four fun, simple, chic, and easy hairstyles to change up your everyday look. ...
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