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The vintage pair can be modern, too.
Loafers are probably the preppiest and most vintage type of shoe out there. While its crisp and polished look may intimidate some, loafers are now available not just in classic browns and blacks. In fact, they come in bold reds, metallic colors, and ...
Get your frilly skirts to look a little edgier and a lot hipper with a pair of loafers!
Loafers have been the It Shoe this season because not only does it come in all sorts of designs but it's also as comfortable as it is chic! And what better way to show them off than with your favorite skirt? It's ...
Fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian loves loafer heels! Read on to know more about this trend and some tips from the style icon herself.
After being the It footwear during the fall season, high-heeled loafers are still on trend and is becoming more popular in the local fashion scene. Different styles of loafer heels have emerged in the market and is now selling like hotcakes!Fashion bloggers ...
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