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For Ashley, it took grit and hard work to conquer what seemed impossible.
Ashley Garcia might be living the ~dream~ life now that she’s living alone but she did not fail to acknowledge that it was a product of her hard work. In her previous vlog, Ashley shared about her journey from being an 11-year-old ...
Time to prep for face-to-face classes!
If there’s one Gen Z influencer constantly impressing us with her *adulting* journey, it’s definitely Ashley Garcia. She has been a YouTuber for years now, and this allowed her to buy her first car and move out of her family home while still in college. She's ...
Here are some adulting and moving out tips we learned from Ry Velasco.
At such a young age, Ry Velasco is already making *significant* investments. Earlier this year, the 22-year-old content creator bought her first car. (In case you're curious, she got a luxury SUV—a BMW X1, to be exact—and vlogged all about it here.)Now, ...
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