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Did you miss the Jonas Brothers live chat? Check out what questions they answered on Cambio!
The Jonas Brothers sit down with their fans through Cambio to chat with them. Were you able to chat with them? Did they answer your questions? Watch the video to catch the recording of the live chat!Which celeb is your dream Celeb ...
David Archuleta logs on to Cambio and answers questions from his fans. Would you like to ask him questions, too?
David Archuleta chats with fans through Cambio just last weekend. He also talks about his latest record The Other Side of Down. Do you have any questions you want to ask him, too? We're meeting David this Wednesday and we'd love to ...
Camp Rock 2 stars Demi Lovato, Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas do a live chat with their fans!
Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas start the live chat while Joe is in the hospital—he's not hurt or anything, you guys, don't worry. They had to reschedule their live chat due to technical difficulties. Nick Jonas starts singing, "Hello." He says, "If ...
Your favorite country pop star Taylor Swift is coming out with her new album in October. Here's a teaser to her first single!
Taylor Swift is coming out with her new album on October 25 and she chats with her fans about working on it all summer. She also talks about moving in to her own place for the very first time—going antique shopping, doing ...
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