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These books might be worth a read.
Even though information is just one click away on the Internet, nothing compares to the wisdom you pick up by reading a good book. Even fictional works have some sort of life lesson embedded in them!For those who are in their late ...
While majority of the books on the list are fictional, a few of them are inspired by the authors' real-life personal experiences with their own mental health struggles.
Mental health is often a taboo topic, especially in the Philippines. While conversations about it are gradually being initiated, many still find themselves struggling to feel seen, heard, and understood.As we collectively work on shining a light on the stories of real people ...
Showcase your love for books with this unique debut theme.
We're all for unexpected debut themes that perfectly showcase the debutante's personality. If curling up with a good book sounds like your idea of a perfect afternoon, why don't you let your love for books come to life at your debut? We think that literature and lace make ...
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