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It's a particularly complicated part of life, but you don't have to navigate through it alone.
Being in your late teens is quite confusing. You're outgrowing your "teen" phase but you're not quite on the adulting stage just yet. It's a particularly complicated part of life, but you don't have to navigate through it alone.Let these podcasts keep you company as you make your ...
Because we love you, here are more snaps from the Candy Fair!
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Brave gal Steph Ongkiko opens up about her struggle with self-mutilation.
For years, only people close to my heart knew what I was going through. From the outside, I looked like a typical teenager having the time of my life—that's why nobody ever thought I had a serious case of self-mutilation.Accroding to, ...
Showbiz pros give us insight on how a real star makes it to the top!
DIRECTOR The Pro: Quark Henares What he does: Directs and oversees the production of a film or music video. Stellar Act: “No one person is more important than anyone else. Everyone, from the director, to the star, to the utility guy, all ...
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