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Her mom bought it for her in the Philippines!
ICYMI, a half-Filipina trainee will be debuting as a K-Pop star soon! Former Star Magic talent Chantal Videla (A.K.A. Chanty) is part of the member lineup of LAPILLUS, a new girl group under MOMOLAND's label, MLD Entertainment. The group will reportedly debut this June.But while we all patiently wait ...
It only costs P145, by the way!
With skin as good as Julia Barretto's, it's no wonder that she frequently goes barefaced, even with celebrity-level access to all the glorious makeup in the world. But even more suprising perhaps is how affordable her go-to lip tint is.Perfect for when you ...
They're available at Beauty Bar!
Just as your clothes change in the summer—from cozy sweaters to skin-baring crop tops, long trousers to short shorts, and so on—naturally, so does your makeup. While the extra busy, celebration-filled months during and after the holidays are more suited for full-glam, ...
It's her signature look!
Tricia Gosingtian's looks are never complete without a gradient lip. She wears it practically every day, and does it like a pro, too. The good news is that her technique is 100% doable!Instead of smudging only one product, Tricia uses two lip ...
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