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She's not just the town's Queen Bee, she's the queen of lips, too!
In the original comic books, Veronica Lodge was Riverdale's ultimate Queen Bee. But in The CW's take on the classic comics, Veronica took a backseat (for the moment) and Cheryl Blossom takes the throne as the town's QB. Although wondering who Jason's ...
Red lip classic thing that you like.
There are a lot of beauty trends popping from left to right, and that includes different lipstick shades from bold and bright lips to dark and vampy ones. While it's fun to try and experiment with different lippie hues, nothing beats the classic ...
Show off your fun side with bold and bright lips!
A tube of lipstick may be small, but nothing beats the confidence boost a swipe of a good ol' bullet can do for a girl. A dark lip may be the go-to hue of more advanced beauty gals, but if you're still ...
Because bold dark lips are chic and fierce at the same time.
The dark lip has been a popular beauty trend for quite some time now, and we don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. After all, nothing spells bold, classic, and fierce more than a dark lip does. Are you ready to paint your ...
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