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Plus, four more unique birthday theme ideas!
Some girls want a grand celebration on their 18th birthday, while others opt for a low-key one. Lily-Rose Depp, muse and model to Chanel, celebrated hers by working on the runway of the major fashion brand.Lily-Rose flew to Tokyo to open and walk for ...
Don't miss the latest deets on Taylor Swift's cat Meredith, Kendall Jenner's new neighbors, the trailer of Lily-Rose Depp's new movie, Vanessa Hudgens' new hairstyles, and Zac Efron's puppy.
Aside from her birthday posts for her friends, Taylor Swift has been MIA both online and IRL most of time. But T-Swift's cat, Meredith decided to give the fans a rare appearance when she sat by the windowsill of Tay's apartment in ...
Lily-Rose Depp could be Anna Sophia Robb's baby sis!
While we're still not 100% sure what Yoga Hosers is all about. But when we saw the full trailer of Lily-Rose Depp's movie (with her dad Johnny Depp—and dreamy Austin Butler!), we couldn't help but notice how much she looked like The Carrie Diaries' ...
Don't miss today's updates on that Mortal Instruments "crossover," Nick Jonas and Lily Rose Depp's takes on "Sorry," Perrie Edwards moving out of her home with Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber's GQ interview, and Matt Healy on relationships.
Lily Collins, who played Clary in The Mortal Instruments movie, and Dominic Sherwood, the actor who plays Jace in the TV remake Shadowhunters, got together recently and the moment is priceless. Even Lily found the moment lovely, too, when she shared the photo on her Instagram. Aww!We're used ...
Don't forget to read today's updates on Louis Tomlinson's son, That's My Amboy, Austin Butler and Lily-Rose Depp's movie, a Hendall sighting, and Zayn Malik's album!
Last week, Louis Tomlinson's baby mama Briana Jungwirth gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Even the 1D cutie made the official announcement via Twitter, but what we're all curious about is what they named the baby. Finally, their baby's name was revealed ...
Plus, it's really easy to incorporate into your looks!
We're always on the lookout for celebrity trends to make dressing up more fun and everyday looks extra stylish. That's why when we spotted some of our favorite celebrities sporting chokers, and more specifically, neckbands, we just knew we had to give ...
And you might have been doing it for a while now.
You might have done this face before for your selfies, Candy Girls. But it's just lately we've noticed the trend when Teen Vogue pointed it out. Could the fish gape be the new duck face? Is it a slightly more relaxed cousin ...
Don't miss the latest on Taylor Swift shutting down rumors, Harry Styles's latest antic, Twitter's character limit, another version of Justin Bieber's "Where Are U Now," and Lily Rose Depp and Kristen Stewart for Chanel!
In case you read rumors that Taylor Swift is getting married and that she's buying a mansion in Beverly Hills, well just dismiss them. The music sensation shut them down via her Twitter account recently and told her followers what she's actually ...
Plus updates on Ariana Grande, Lily-Rose Depp, Little Mix, and Chris Hemsworth.
It seems like Zayn Malik might be getting cozy with a blonde—and it's not his ex Perrie Edwards. He posted a photo of him and the mystery girl on his new Instagram account with no details: no caption, no tag, nothing! Fans ...
Don't forget to read today's updates on Scream Queens, Lily Rose Depp's Instagram, Ellie Goulding on #TayVin, Selena Gomez's new music video, and the Prince Charming movie!
Excited to watch Scream Queens just like us here at the Candy HQ? Then you have to tune in to ETC today! The lifestyle channel is airing the pilot episode of its first season today. They showed it earlier at 4PM, but don't ...
And she looks absolutely gorge!
Just recently we were gushing about Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Depp as our newest beauty icon. Then just last week she was a part of designer brand Chanel's A/W Haute Couture show in Paris, and looked absolutely gorgeous in the casino-themed fashion ...
Don't miss today's updates on Lily Collins and Lily Rose Depp's fashion week meeting, Ariana Grande's rumored new boyfriend, Zayn Malik's response to the Twitter hashtag, Chloe Moretz's new movie project, and Cody Simpson on Gigi Hadid.
Want to  make a guess which of your favorite celebrities were spotted together at Karl Lagerfeld's show during the Paris Fashion Week? Your two fave Lilys! Lily Collins shared an Instagram photo of her locking arms with Lily Rose Depp, and they hit ...
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