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If you need to power through med school, these medical K-dramas will give you lots of inspo.
It's no secret that becoming a doctor is tough. Training for the thankless job entails working under pressure, dealing with criticism, and monitoring patients for hours on end. If you're looking for something to keep you motivated, medical K-dramas might just give ...
Her podcast is called “Adulting with Joyce Pring.”
The closer you are to the end of your teenage year, the more stressful you get thinking about your future. But worry no more, there are personalities who will guide you on your way to ~adulting~ life like Joyce Pring.In her podcast ...
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How will you start 2010 with a bang?
The Candy editors will start the year differently. How about you? How will you start the year with a bang? ...
We count down our top LOL moments while watching Aliens in the Attic.
MyScoop Report: What do you love about your guy or your crush?
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