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You're not the only one confused.
FYI, Metro Manila is currently put under modified enchanced community quarantine (MECQ) until April 30, 2021, and because we've been through countless iterations of quarantine, it can be hard to keep up with what is allowed and what isn't in 2021. You're ...
Planning a surfing escape? Make sure to follow safety protocols!
You will need a QR Code from La Union's proprietary contact-tracing platform NAPANAM to enter the province. Here's how you can secure one.1. Fill up the registration form at the NAPANAM website2. Make sure the birth date and mobile number you registered ...
It seems Pasig City residents are eager to work with the LGU!
Ever wondered what it's like to work for a local government unit? Residents of Pasig City are given the chance to immerse themselves in government-related work through their newly launched Government Internship Program (GIP). The GIP is a three-month internship program wherein accepted applicants get ...
Here's to LGUs supporting and learning from one another!
The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined what Bayanihan and "kopyahan" means for Filipinos. The most important thing, as many netizens point out, is that LGUs and civilians work together and share best practices in preventing the further spread of the coronavirus and its socio-economic consequences ...
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