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"I’ve been overwhelmed with a lot of the workload that college has been giving."
Now a college freshman, Leon Barretto is learning to manage his time between studies and showbiz. And like most working students, he’s finding the transition to college a lot more difficult than he expected. In his most recent YouTube vlog, the 18-year-old got ...
The 18-year-old has his own YouTube channel!
ICYMI, Leon Barretto, the only son of celebrity parents Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla, launched his own YouTube channel last August.At 18, he joins the rest of his fam (his mom and sisters have their own respective channels) at the video platform ...
The Barretto siblings will always have each other's backs!
One thing we love about the Barretto siblings is how close and supportive they are of each other. Aside from their close bond offscreen, Dani, Julia, Claudia, and Leon are also actively hyping each other up on social media.From their individual projects ...
Plus, other things we learned about the two Barretto siblings!
ICYMI, Leon Barretto has been uploading a lot since he started his YouTube channel last month. Just recently, he posted a video with one of the most requested guests on his channel... his sister, Julia Barretto! While he has made a couple ...
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