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AKA the benefits of being lazy.
Laziness has always had a bad reputation. Most people in our lives try to get us to get up and do something, not mope around and sleep the day away. Well, how can we be expected to really make something of ourselves ...
Who said getting ready has to take time?
We all have those days when we just don't feel like getting up, and out of our beds to head out of the house. But for days when you really have to and don't feel like spending an hour and a half ...
Stock up on these multi-tasking, time-saving products!
Nobody wants to waste time on a lengthy, bajillion-step beauty routine when there are only so many hours you can spend frolicking under the sun, café-hopping with your friends, and soaking up as much pure summer fun as possible. Take a beauty ...
We show you how! Promise, it's really easy to do
Lazy girls everywhere have a reason to rejoice and it's partly thanks to Queen Bey and her #WokeUpLikeThis revolution. Why? Because it has given way for the effortless beauty look to reign supreme right now a.k.a. the no-makeup makeup look and the ...
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