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We do not need Baybayin to affirm that what we speak, write, or read is Filipino.
When Manila Mayor Isko Moreno unveiled the new Lagusnilad Underpass, people were amazed to see Baybayin inscriptions on one of the entrances of the tunnel.Top Story: Who Are the Ambanis, Asia's Wealthiest Family?Currently, groups are pushing for Baybayin to become the Philippines’ ...
We dare you to translate the following sentences.
When translating from Filipino to English, you will learn that there are some Filipino words that are best left alone. They simply have no direct translation in English and are better preserved in their form, untranslated, and provided with footnotes explaining the ...
A different language sheds new light on everyday terms.
Makes you think of sweaters and hot cups of tea in Spanish. A Japanese word that describes what I like to think as a guilty act of hoarding books and not having the "time" to read them. Who's with me?You might hear ...
Soon, you won't need subtitles for your K-dramas.
If watching K-dramas is something you do on the daily (because we all know how addictive this habit can get!), then you're bound to pick up some basic Korean words and phrases. The likes of gamsahamnida (thank you), ppali (hurry), gwen chan ...
When you think about it, a bonus is already added happiness.
Common phrases, unnecessary words. Let's keep things simple. No need to repeat.ATM machineATM stands for automated teller "machine." Spare yourself the effort of saying machine. That's what the acronym is for—communication as fast as the ATM delivers cash.Repeat againThis phrase is commonly ...
In a country so obsessed over asking their friends to "make kwento," it's saddening to know how rare people actually reply using the language that phrase came from.
When Jessica Sanchez became a finalist for American Idol Season 11, we made Facebook posts about how #ProudToBePinoy we all were seeing her represent us out there.When Manny Pacquiao battled it out with Flloyd Mayweather during the #FightOfTheCentury, we were all quick ...
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