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Author of many celebrated books and now the novel 'Sad Girls,' Lang Leav serves as an inspiration to aspiring writers of all ages. But what inspires the inspiration herself?
Lang Leav is once again making waves in the writing scene—the international bestselling author has just released a new book, but it's not like the previous ones she's written. Her new book Sad Girls is not a compilation of poems, but instead ...
Pinoy fans are getting special edition—with a letter from the author herself!
With three best-selling books to her name, Lang Leav's much anticipated fourth release is sure to sell out as soon as it hits the bookshelves. But what's extra special about The Universe of Us (Exclusive Special Edition) is that it features a poem ...
We got to chat with the contemporary artist and author recently when she came to the country to pay her fans a visit.
This is contemporary author and artist, Lang Leav's second time to visit the Philippines. The first one was in February when she was promoting her first book, Love and Misadventure."Nothing much has changed," she said when we asked her what she's been ...
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