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Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.
If you are still keeping up with The King: Eternal Monarch on Netflix and are reading this, how did you even survive Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun’s undeniable chemistry?! Seriously though, all the little kilig moments between Lee Gon and ...
Now we’ve got another reason to stan harder.
We know of K-pop idols venturing into the other side of the K-entertainment industry by trying their hand at acting. We’ve got the likes of IU, who’s still a successful solo artist, and Bae Suzy, who’s part of JYP’s girl group Miss ...
So cute!
Many viewers may have initially watched The King: Eternal Monarch for Lee Min Ho, especially since it’s his first drama after a two-year hiatus due to his military enlistment, but a lot of people have stayed after discovering the wonderful chemistry among ...
Still, the cast was able to show just how much chemistry the have which each other!
If you haven’t added The King: Eternal Monarch to your Netflix list yet, don’t worry! You still have a chance to catch up before episodes 7 and 8 drop this week. ICYDK, the show revolves around parallel universes which gives the cast ...
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