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Plus, his really vague answer as to why he cancelled his tour.
Unlike her previous relationships, Taylor Swift is keeping her thing with current bae Joe Alwyn really low-key. Case in point: Gone are the days when she would be snapped kissing by the shore a la The Notebook and instead, T-Swift and Joe ...
Look how far they've come.
We're so glad that here at Candy, we've witnessed the early stages of these Candy cover girls' careers. Back then they were all pretty, but now, they're even more gorgeous than ever and led a successful life with their career and family.Hit ...
"I wanted to make a move, but I wasn't ready to put all my feelings out there for the whole world to see—I didn't think a reality TV show was the best venue for that."
Mikee Lee opened up about his biggest heartache—and how he put a stop to the sadness.Kim Chiu and I were housemates on a reality TV show. We were paired with each other even before entering the house—based on our interviews, the show's producers thought ...
Plus, the five things you missed today!
Looks like Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson are doing great together! The actor recently revealed that his Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin co-star is joining a duathlon in March. Kim responded and said that she really didn't want to reveal it because it's her first time to ...
Don't forget to read the latest on Selena Gomez's latest IG post, Taylor Swift's Mannequin Challenge, Park Shin Hye's donation to a charity, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's rumored relationship, KathNiel's new project.
It's no secret that we're fans of Doctors star Park Shin Hye, but what made us love her more was this report that the actress donated at least $85-thousand to the Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI) where she was inducted as the ...
Don't miss the latest news on Bella Swan's wedding dress, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson's project together, Alessia Cara in Disney's Moana, Taylor Swift's 10th anniversary, and a Kimerald reunion.
 Walking to the song "A Thousand Years" in Bella's dress is no longer just a dream, because the most romantic wedding dress of Bella Swan is up for sale right now! Twilight is having a massive auction of over 900 costumes and ...
Filipino feels for all ages.
Whether you'd like to admit it or not, teleseryes are part of Filipino culture. It's something we watch with the family over breakfast or dinner, or something we binge watch during summer and Christmas vacations. We fall in love, relate, and sometimes ...
What they did wrong and what you should do instead.
No matter how much people say they had a good break up, nothing is really ever good about having your heart broken. It's even worse for celebrities, with their broken hearts and bitter feelings splattered all over the news the next day. Just check out ...
James and Nadine are just one of your favorite love teams you’ll be seeing in theaters this Christmas!
1. James Reid and Nadine Lustre in Beauty and the BestieThe OTWOL OTP are big fans of Vice Ganda and Coco Martin, so it was a blast for them to work with their idols in this movie. James plays the brother of ...
Remember when your favorite celebrities looked this adorbs?
Remember when your favorite celebrities were just starting out in the biz, and they had a few endorsements under their belt? We've scoured YouTube for these precious moments in their careers and found that they're still the cutest people ever. Hit the ...
They used to think Instagram borders and default filters were cool, too.
Long before VSCO was proclaimed king of photo-editing apps, Instagram's default borders and filters were not only acceptable but were actually pretty cool. Truth be told, even our local celebrities seemed to think so. If you still don't believe us, how about ...
Remember when your fave love teams looked like these peeps?
Whether you love or hate the idea of love teams, you just can't deny the fact that they give celebrities a huge following. There are also stars who stay in the biz for a long time because they've been part of a ...
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