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And avoid these sneaky culprits whenever you can!
While a huge pimple in the middle of your face is an obvious confidence killer, dark underarms are just as bad, too! Girls with darker underarms often feel dyahe and end up limiting themselves—from avoiding tank tops like the plague to not ...
Unconventional? Yes. Kilig much? Definitely.
True or false: not every girl is into the sappy sweetness of promises of forever. Definitely true! Many find that the simpler the words, the truer they are. Here are ten kilig lines that reflect love in a different way, and will ...
Super cute!
It's hard to put into words the feeling of kilig, but when you feel it, you just know. Which is why when we saw this scene from the Korean series, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, we couldn't help but smile and feel kilig ...
Read up on all the confessions from our Candy Cuties this year.
So we went through all of this year's guy confessions and determined which one you loved the most in 2013. Here are the Top 5 confessions according to you!Your favorite Guy Confession didn't make it to the list? Which one did you ...
We spill who makes us feel kilig and brightens our day in an instant.
Jason Schwartzman for life. I love funny dudes. —Sam, Associate Fashion Editor—Jed, Fashion and Beauty AssistantWho are your happy crushes? Spill over here on TeenTalk! ...
Thinking of serenading your guy? These cuties clue you in on what tunes would get them grinning from ear-to-ear.
monday"'Harana.'"Drew, 24tuesday"'Call Me Maybe.' I find the song really attractive."Jaffe, 16wednesday"I would definitely get kilig if a girl sang me 'Inevitable' by Anberlin because it's not like your normal drop dead I'm so in love song. It blessesthe song with a touch ...
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