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Don't miss today's updates Brooklyn Beckham's deleted photo, Alyssa Valdez and Kiefer Ravena's Europe trip, Selena Gomez's new movie, Ariana Grande's canceled shows, and Justin Bieber's Drake remix.
Brooklyn Beckham shared an Instagram photo earlier of himself showing off his abs, but he deleted it afterwards and now we're wondering why. Hmm, did girlfriend Chloe Moretz ask him to do it or was he just thinking about our welfare because ...
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  Period guide. Everything and anything you've wanted about your monthly cycle—and how to deal with it—here. (via Inked. Thinking of getting a tattoo in the future (like in the distant future when your parents will be cool with it)? How about trying out fo ...
And do you also expect someone else to change for you?
"Don't change who you are for another person." We've heard this saying so many times before. Partly, this could be true. We also have to remember that sometimes, our partners are the other set of eyes we need to see our mistakes, and ...
Don't miss today's news on Emma Watson's new award, Kiefer Ravena and Mika Reyes's breakup, Zayn Malik's 1D departure, something you should know about Scream Queens, and a Paper Towns promo you should join!
Congratulations are in order for one of our favorite girls Emma Watson. The Harry Potter alum won the award for Campaign of the Year for the #HeForShe campaign at the 2015 Observer Ethical Awards, which gives recognition to organizations, campaigners, and people who are ...
The cager talks about his comfort food, pre-game rituals, and the sweetest compliment he has ever received.
Time: 2:13 ...
Here's what happened at Kiefer's shoot for this month's issue!
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Play a game with Boy Panel 2012's Kiefer Ravena.
Missed last night's chat? No worries! We'll let you in on what happened.
Boy Panel 2012's Kiefer Ravena headed to the Candy HQ last night to chat with you Candy Girls. Raise your hand (or, well, like this post) if you were there. Here's a sweet message from Kief and a quick rundown of what ...
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