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These cuties clue us in on what they can't live without.
Phone, Wi-Fi, TV? There's always something we can't imagine not having in our lives. These cuties spill what's one thing they can't live without."I think it's my phone because, nowadays, the easiest way to communicate is using our cellphones." —Kelvin Engles"Not to ...
How does this cutie make a girl's head turn?
We asked cutie Kelvin Engles what's his classic move to catch a girl's attention. Here's his answer:"My smile is my first move to catch a girl's attention. Then I'll give her a wink, and say this pickup line after: 'Hey, what's the ...
What would you do if you can be invisible for one day?
We asked Kelvin Engles what would he do if he can be invisible for a day. Here's his sweet answer:"I will go to the place where my crush lives and just look at her, stare at her while she's sleeping, kiss her ...
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