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These Candy Cuties share the most romantic thing they've done for someone they like.
We all love doing things for the people we love. Guys are no different. Just like us, they do everything in their power to make the girl they like feel special—even if that takes moving mountains for them. So we just had ...
These cuties spill their ways on how they'd ask a girl out.
While asking a girl out should sound easy because, duh, the guy just has to approach her and ask, that's not always the case. Just like us, guys also get extremely shy and awkward around girls. Texting her feels the same, too, ...
What would these cuties sing to a girl if they could serenade her?
Some things never really get old, like the classic harana or the act of serenading the love of your life when courting her. So we asked these Candy Cuties what songs they'd want to sing to the girl they like if they ...
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