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Kill time at these trusty spots in Katipunan.
Katipunan has changed so much in just the last few years. The emergence of new and shiny commercial spaces has definitely made life in this collegiate neighborhood more exciting. While spending your free time inside the Ateneo campus won't disappoint (thanks to ...
Here's what to feed your IG feed
Katipunan is famous for its schools and infamous for its traffic. But more than that, it's also home to some of the best restaurants in the city. Here are some of our favorite places that are both delicious and IG-worthy!NinyoProbably the ultimate ...
For your next block hang.
Lining the long strip of Katipunan are different restaurants and cafes that satisfy every kind of craving a college student might have. We've rounded up a few spots you might want to park your cute little butt in when you're waiting for ...
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