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They went on and won in life or in the fields they've chosen, at least.
There's a lot of reality and talent shows these days that it's hard to keep track of who's who, who made it, and who didn't. But in the middle of everything, these winners and finalists managed to stand out and have great ...
Answer: Dream casting.
After two seasons and more misses than hits, Smash has bowed out, but not before the dazzling and very meta number, "Big Finish." Ivy and Karen belt, "Give them that big finish and they'll forget what came before... So I give this ...
On the hits and misses of the troubled show.
Confession: I've come to un-ironically love Smash. The musical series is all over the place and everyone's bashing it—even I have—but it's still one of the shows I tear myself away from Candy Crush for. If I don't catch it on primetime, ...
We take a look back at the celebs and their fun outfits at Coachella and at the after parties, we warn you though this will cause major envy!
Young Carrie Bradshaw and Donna are besties in real life! Anna Sophia Robb sports a dark mini with an ethnic print along with co-star Chloe Bridges looking fierce!#coachella @alexandramccall chloebridges whomp whomp Perry looking fresh and at home, this isn’t prom ...
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