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Would these Candy Cuties break the unwritten rule?
There is an unwritten rule between exes: You should never date your ex's friends, especially their BFFs. Dating them would be close to cheating or going behind the other person's back because it's like you're attempting to break the friendship or make ...
Heartbreaks are messy and a quick fix doesn't exist to make the process easier.
We all go through the painful process of heartbreak, and we all have our own way of dealing with it. So we just had to ask these Candy Cuties what they do when they've just had their hearts broken. Take note of ...
These guys share their relationship secrets with us.
Falling in love is only half of any love story. The other half is working with your partner to make the relationship work, so you can avoid fights and disagreements. We asked these guys what their top 3 essentials are to make ...
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