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Here's what a motivational speaker has to say.
Growing up, when it came to a point where we had to make some *big decisions* in life—like what course to pursue or what kind of job to apply for—there were always those people who would say, "Follow your heart" or "Follow ...
Her podcast is called “Adulting with Joyce Pring.”
The closer you are to the end of your teenage year, the more stressful you get thinking about your future. But worry no more, there are personalities who will guide you on your way to ~adulting~ life like Joyce Pring.In her podcast ...
She also answered a handful of travel-related Qs!
Joyce Pring, radio DJ and TV personality, likes to travel a lot. You can see it on her YouTube channel that she loves exploring new cities and countries. So when we chanced upon her at the opening of Mountain Dew's first Dew Nation ...
Get to know this energetic DJ better as she tells you things about her job in this video!
We got to chat a bit with #CandyFair2014 host and radio DJ, Joyce Pring, while she was backstage. This ball of energy just keeps on amazing us and giving us a lot of good vibrations. Hit the play button to watch her ...
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