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Facing the problem of making your parents like your guy? We asked our cuties about it. Read on to get some insight!
Getting the approval of your partner's parents could be difficult and challenging. It may be easy for some, but for most people, sometimes it takes even months and years of work. You can keep your relationship a secret from them, but there ...
Of course we talked about love with our Candy Cuties this month!
Knowing you're in love isn't always easy? On most times it just creeps up on you and next thing you know, you're in the middle of a lovey-dovey puddle of ~~feelings~~. Sometimes we wonder if it's the same for guys or they're ...
What would make these #CandyCuties go the opposite direction and say no?
We all have our idea of who we should and shouldn't date, so we just had to ask our Candy Cuties what type of girl they wouldn't date. Here are their answers."A mean girl." —Dale McDonald"A girl who's too conscious about her ...
These Candy Cuties tell us what their ideal first kisses are like.
First kisses are memorable, but not all first kisses are memorable for all the right reasons—sometimes something goes wrong, like the timing or the place or the presence of people around you. Our Candy Cuties spill what and how they want their ...
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