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Confront them or let it go?
There are different ways to deal with people you do not like. You can confront them or just ignore them. We're wondering how these guys deal with that kind of situation. Here are their thoughts: "I avoid confrontation and at least try to ...
A movie date with a girl and her mom? Are these cuties up for that challenge?
What if your date had to bring one of their parents? Will you cancel or face the challenge of spending QT with the two of them? Find out what these cuties will do when that happens:"Sure, why not? I consider my girl's ...
Add these tunes to your playlist to keep your spirits up at the start of the school year!
Thinking of a way to pump up your school days? These cuties share with you three songs from their back-to-school playlist that keep them alive, alert, and enthusiastic for the rest of the year!Kenjee DeeYasser MartaJoshua JoffeWhat about you, Candy Girls? What ...
Find out which car this cutie would be, if he were one.
The relationship between a guy and his car will forever be a mystery to us. Maybe it's like our relationship with shoes in girl world? But we do love how guys sound so engrossed when they're talking about it. Just read how ...
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