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We've rounded up the cheesiest and most romantic teen shows that graced Philippine TV.
We love watching teen shows the way we love eating large fries and a big slice of chocolate cake. Why? Because they give us a good amount of nostalgia, as we reminisce our own days of dealing with a lot of new ...
Tricia Gosingtian and Linn Oeymo are all smiles, Lea Michele hits the red carpet, and more celebritweets posted this week.
Can the actor answer our five questions in less than five minutes?
Time: 1:19 ...
The boys of Tween Academy danced to the tune of David Guetta's "Where The Girls At."
We're updating this list weekly so that you'll see if your favorites are among the Top 10!
For this update, we are only using the online votes. Text votes are not yet included in this tally.Last week's tally:Is your favorite part of the list? Make sure they stay on top or help them be part of the list! There ...
Check out what tunes make the actor happy.
Joshua Dionisio of Tween Academy Class of 2012 shares his top 5 mood-boosting tunes!What songs cheer you up? Are you excited to see Tween Academy Class of 2012? Tell us in a comment! ...
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We caught up with Sam Concepcion, Ivan Dorschner, Aaron Villaflor, and Megan Young at the HTC launch.
HTC, which prides itself on “quietly brilliant” products, launched two new phones last week: the superphone HTC Sensation and the advanced HTC Wildfire S. At the event held at Republiq, Candy caught up with a few celebs who attended the launch and ...
The stars of hit TV show Tween Hearts are coming to a theater near you in the upcoming film Tweens: Class of 2012. Who's your favorite tween?
Meet the tweens of Ridge View High. On August 24, Kara (Barbie Forteza), Bino (Joshua Dionisio), Enzo, Jepoy (Jake Vargas), George (Bea Binene), Chloe (Lexi Fernandez), Jess (Louise delos Reyes), Christian (Alden Richards), Diego (Kristoffer Martin), Ashlee (Joyce Ching), Maximo (Derrick Monasterio), ...
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