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His only Aprobado grade is for the subject 'General Pathology, its Clinic, and Pathologic Histology.'
One of the highly regarded medical schools in the country is University of Santo Tomas. Considered as one of the top performing local educational institutions in medicine, UST has produced countless medical professionals. And among the list of doctors who built their ...
From secret children to his sexuality, these Jose Rizal conspiracies will give you a good laugh.
As one of the most celebrated figures in Philippine history, every facet of José Rizal's life has been explored virtually to exhaustion. So, it's no surprise that the country's national hero has been the focus of rumors and conspiracy theories for decades.The ...
'The man that they're attempting to honor fought with a pen and a piece of paper.'
The last few days has been a whirlwind on social media, with thousands of suspicious fake accounts being discovered on Facebook and critical posts about the government being taken down.No one is safe from this new tide of bizarre social media censorship, ...
Plus, how to read your FB messages without being "seen," a virtual reality experience on Jose Rizal's execution, and more!
 Seen-proof your Facebook. Here are three ways to read your FB messages without being "seen." (via Hey, sleep talker. Do you talk in your sleep? These are the reasons why! (via Enrique doesn't approve. Read about what Enrique Gil has to say about Liza ...
How well do you know our national hero?
Much has been said about our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal—from the brilliant to the downright dumb—so in honor of Rizal Day, we listed 10 of the most popular trivia about him.10. He was never really a licensed doctor.9. He was a ...
Go gaga over shoes and relive the memory of Jose Rizal this weekend.
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This weekend, treat dad to a feast fit for a king and get to know our national hero like never before.
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