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It's a sad reality that when the global pandemic started early last year, several industries and careers were hit hard. Companies had to adjust, employees had to take on more tasks than usual, and some even lost their jobs. According to the ...
According to a pro.
Fresh graduates already expect that the first job-hunting process they have to undergo would be the hardest one. Jumping into the professional world for the first time would create a multitude of emotions, especially now that every company and organization is at the ...
Here's what a motivational speaker has to say.
Growing up, when it came to a point where we had to make some *big decisions* in life—like what course to pursue or what kind of job to apply for—there were always those people who would say, "Follow your heart" or "Follow ...
When it comes to job hunting, your first shot at making a good impression is through your curriculum vitae (CV). Landing your dream job requires putting in the extra effort, and that's what this college student did.Emily Vu (@emvutweets), currently a senior student ...
Here's how one company is handling work culture in the new normal.
The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many undergrads to put off school in search of work opportunities just to get by, or to look for part-time work they can balance with acads in order to help with home expenses.Job hunting can be tough for ...
The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the employment landscape.
Millions were laid off from their hospitality jobs around the world over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while the demand for healthcare workers and e-commerce frontliners skyrocketed. As everyone transitioned to digital and to remote work, the need for ...
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