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Still, they carry the PH flag loud and proud.
Many of our favorite Filipino talents have proudly represented the Philippines in the international scene, but some of them actually have ties to other countries as well. Even though many of them have 100 percent Filipino blood, some were born and raised abroad. ...
Get to know the Macau-born performer in this Q&A over his fave--spicy ramen.
Whether it's on Tiktok or ASAP Natin 'To, Joao Constancia always gives his all, and for 2021, the musican-turned-actor is out to prove himself more than ever. In this episode of CANDE-STRESS, the 24-year old gets very real about his decision to stay in ...
His name is actually Portuguese!
Boy bands and pop stars come and go, but there are those who stay under the limelight by following their own path. You may know Joao Constancia as a member of BoybandPH, but the 22-year-old performer has also ventured into other avenues ...
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