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Our Miam hearts!
Our hearts just can't get enough these sweethearts Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. From Liam's Instagram feed, we can say that he doesn't post too often—but when he does, it's always a bomb dropped on our Miam hearts! He just posted the cutest snap of ...
You saved me from my depression.
This week, I decided to write about my favorite superhero. If we were talking about Marvel, DC, folklore, local, or mythical, I don't have any. I can't think of any. I could write about the people who saved me, though, but I'll ...
The five things you missed today!
Lily Collins opened up about her battle with eating disorder when she was still a teenager during an interview for her movie To the Bone. She spoke of how much her role spoke to her because of what she went through. "This was ...
Filed under: Reasons we love the Harry Potter author.
Today in proof that J.K. Rowling is a fantastic human being: Aside from creating the best fictional series to ever exist, J.K. granted a fan's request to hand-write a tattoo design for her. (via amazing occurence happened via Twitter when Kate, ...
And JK Rowling, of course.
We still have a Potter hangover from the release of the eighth book and from all the HP-related posts (including an awesome Snapchat filter—have you tried it?) in the past 36 hours. While browsing our feeds, we happened to stumble upon the ...
Let's celebrate Harry's birthday with the 8th book of the Harry Potter Series and some butterbeer!
Potterheads, dressed in their robes and all sorts of talismans from the world of Hogwarts, united today at the Glorietta 1 National Bookstore for the launch of the much anticipated 8th book of the beloved Harry Potter series. Seconds before exactly 7:01 ...
Let these amazing women define what smart really means.
We're all familiar with the author of the Harry Potter series which launched a huge movie enterprise among other creative avenues to bring the magic to life, but did you know her novel was rejected several times before it was published? Get ...
We're hoping they bring the play here!
The first part of the eighth Harry Potter story, set 19 years later, already premiered on stage. And from the reactions we read on social media, here's the only thing we know: we have to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child too.The first public ...
Don't miss the latest on Remus Lupin's character, 1D's hiatus, Taylor Swift in X-Men, Luke and Niall's meet up, and Zayn ang Gigi's relationship.
It's been 18 years since the Battle of Hogwards happened and as tradition, author JK Rowling apologized for another death—in the process, she revealed why the character had to die. BRB, sobbing while doing a Harry Potter rewatch now. (via again, it's the anniversary ...
This time, JK Rowling explores the wizarding world in the USA.
Ever wondered what lies beyond the wizarding world of Harry Potter? We've always wondered, too. And in her new stories, author and creator JK Rowling explores the wizarding world in America. (via topics in her new releases will cover the wizarding academy in ...
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling, and more remember the actor—their friend—who played Professor Snape in the Harry Potter series.
Alan Rickman, who played Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies, has died from cancer at 69 years old. Members of the cast as well as author JK Rowling expressed their deepest sympathies and shared kind words about the man they did ...
Lookin' good, Eddie!
We're not going to lie. We've been missing the world of Harry Potter since The Deathly Hallows was released in 2011. So when we learned that a prequel was in the works, our inner Potterhead was too happy about the whole thing.Fast forward to this ...
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Elaine Dela Cruz 20 hours ago

When everything around you suddenly turns dark, the first thing we'd prolly do, as humans, is to find and grab anything that is closest and nearest to us. We'll hold onto them for as long as we can, trying to collect ourselves and gather courage to adjust our eyesights to the pitch black environment that's consuming us minute by minute. And then you'd hear nothing. Your sense of hearing would somehow go off after not seeing anything for quite awhile. You'll let loose. Cry. Panic. You'll be exhausted for fighting your way out. Then just when you're about to stop and give up, you're no longer afraid. There's only this deafening silence and pithole of darkness that's gonna eat you up alive. And surprisingly, you'll make a home out of it.

You'll make a home out of the darkness that when a ray of light suddenly hits you, you'll try to avoid it. You'll try to cover your eyes. You'll try to cover your ears from the voices trying to help you get out of it. You'll try to hide because your mind and body will go against your will to come out and live. Because the darkness that used to scare you, now comforts you in a way you thought has helped you survived life. And you'll try to live. Day by day. In the darkness. Not knowing where to go. Not knowing where to start. Not knowing who is with you. You will try to live until the darkness that once surrounds you is now within you. And everyday, it's gonna be a cycle of subtle torture. But let me tell you a secret. The darkness won't make you whole.

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You'll be broken. And in those hair-like cracks, the light will stubbornly fight its way through until it warms you up. Until you realize to check the switch and turn it on. Until you allow other people to help you find your way back in the light. Until you realize you're ready to live in light again. There's a light at the end of this long and dreading tunnel. The only question that matters: will you let them in?

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