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Some even graduated with honors!
Amidst countless tapings and several guestings, some celebrities still choose to make time for their studies. We’ll leave it to them to convince you that graduating as a working student is a difficult feat—but not an impossible one! It just takes patience, ...
Keep this soon-to-be leading man on your radar.
The year 2022 seems bright for many young celebrities. But as more and more Gen Z personalities take interest in the entertainment industry, it gets harder for showbiz newcomers to find their feet without a household last name. For example, becoming a ...
Just like you, they braved long lines to fulfill their civic duty.
Election Day is finally here! Just like the rest of us, Gen Z celebrities are heading to the polls and exercising their right to choose the country’s next leaders. And JSYK, there isn't a trace of special treatment here—these young stars also braved ...
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