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There's another reason why July 7 is a *very special* day.
Did you hear someone scream? Well, that's me after finding out that Song Joong Ki has gifted his Vincenzo co-star, Jeon Yeo Bin, a coffee truck!ICYDK, the cast of the high-rating K-drama are *really, really* close in real-life: When the camera is ...
This drama is really the work of a genius!
Our fellow Vincenzo fans, we know how you feel right now: There's the excitement because another episode of our current favorite Netflix drama will air tonight. At the same time, you're also sad because we only have two more episodes left. The ...
You can catch her latest movie on Netflix now!
Korean actress Jeon Yeo Bin undeniably broke through the spotlight this year as the sharp-tongued lawyer Hong Cha-young in Vincenzo. If you loved her in the tvN series then we’re sure you’re dying to know more about this rising leading lady. To ...
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