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It seems a little jealousy isn't all that bad.
When it comes to relationships, having that sense of trust in your SO is a good indicator that you're in a healthy partnership. But it seems that a little jealousy isn't all that bad in certain types of relationships—particularly in friendships. A study published ...
Define "bad"
Let's get this out of the way: being jealous of a friend sucks. Mostly because you know you shouldn't be feeling that way towards a friend in the first place. You're supposed to cheer her on and celebrate her victories, but sometimes, it's ...
What should you do if your girl gets jealous of everything?
monday"If I asked her if she loves me and she says yes, I'll say: 'Do you love me enough to trust me?'" Zyg, 18tuesday"I'll say: 'You don't have to worry because I love you.'" Stefano, 19tuesdaywednesday"If it's in the early stages of ...
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