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Yup, even Candy Cuties experience this too.
Thought that just because they are Candy Cuties they don't get friendzoned and experience rejection anymore? You're very wrong, Candy Girls. When we got to chat with these cute guys, they admitted that they too have experienced being rejected by a girl they ...
Planning a date for you and your special someone? Maybe these Candy Cuties' ideas might help you.
Planning your date with your special someone is a tough job. So if you have no idea what to do yet, especially this month of love, here are some ideas from this year's Candy Cuties. Maybe they can help you plan your ...
How do these Candy Cuties define cheating?
Cheating in relationships is a popular topic these days. You can see it in celebrity news, all over TV shows and movies, and even in the relationships of people around you. So we just had to ask these Candy Cuties: How do ...
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