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Jakob recently turned 18 on April 20!
ICYMI, Jakob Poturnak recently turned 18 on April 20, 2022, and his mom Ina Raymundo took a trip down memory lane to ~celebrate~ her son's birth.On her Instagram, Ina uploaded a video compilation of Jakob's childhood pictures and penned the *sweetest* message ...
The 17-year-old is a star college athlete in the making!
Ina Raymundo's Instagram feed is always filled with posts gushing about her kids, and we don't blame her—her children are a talented bunch! From her five children, we're most acquainted with Erika Rae, a talented singer and artist who is currently enrolled in ...
He'll be playing for Xavier University in Ohio.
Ina Raymundo is one proud momma when it comes to her children, and her Instagram feed is proof of that. Earlier today, she posted about her son Jakob Poturnak getting accepted as a D1 college baseball player for Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.The actress announces ...
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