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You can take down notes now, Candy Girls! Heehee.
Still wondering how you can make your way to a guy's heart? Don't worry because you don't have to look further to get an idea. Eight of our Candy Cuties this year revealed some of their biggest turn-ons, things that instantly catch their ...
These guys tell us their biggest deal-breakers when it comes to girls.
We all have our own set of turn-offs. Yup, that includes guys. Ever wondered what makes guys running to the opposite direction even if they really, really like a girl? Some of our Candy Cuties revealed their biggest deal-breakers in girls. Don't forget ...
The one that got away, yes?
Can you really not get over someone? This was one of the questions we asked our Candy Cuties during their shoot. We've heard it from people and maybe, we've said it a few times too: for every new love, there's always someone we ...
A few things you have to think about before finally letting go of your relationship.
Breaking up with someone is probably one of the hardest things to do when you're in a relationship. It is never easy to get out of a relationship you've worked on for a while, and break the news to someone you really ...
Check all the signs if he really is.
Wondering if your guy or the guy you're dating is a player? Sometimes, we just highly rely on our gut feel or our instinct. Most of the time, we're right. But there are just days when we get all paranoid about our ...
We're not over our fave celebrity pairings' gorgeous looks at the Star Magic Ball!
The Star Magic Ball may have happened days ago, but we still can't get enough of our favorite artists from ABS-CBN who looked like princes and princesses during the event. Our favorite photos to look at? Those ones of couples and pairings at ...
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