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Planning a date for you and your special someone? Maybe these Candy Cuties' ideas might help you.
Planning your date with your special someone is a tough job. So if you have no idea what to do yet, especially this month of love, here are some ideas from this year's Candy Cuties. Maybe they can help you plan your ...
Are these cuties willing to be more than friends with their best friends?
The transition from being friends to being more than friends isn't exactly easy for most people. While others may view it as a good foundation for relationships, there are also some who fear that the relationship will just ruin the friendship. So ...
Do these Candy Cuties consider themselves a romantic?
It is common notion that guys are not romantics and that they sometimes even cringe at grand gestures of love, so we asked our Candy Cuties whether they are or aren't. Here are their thoughts:"Not really. I always need to ask for ...
How do these Candy Cuties define cheating?
Cheating in relationships is a popular topic these days. You can see it in celebrity news, all over TV shows and movies, and even in the relationships of people around you. So we just had to ask these Candy Cuties: How do ...
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