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Memory capacity ranges from 128 GB to 1 TB.
Earlier this month, Apple officially unveiled their latest lineup of new and improved gadgets including an updated iPad, iPad Mini, Apple Watch, and of course, the highly anticipated iPhone 13. If you've been eyeing the tech giant's brand-new flagship smartphone series, then ...
Expect a substantial price drop, experts say.
Tech insiders and gadget geeks all over the world are waiting in anticipation for the release of the so-called iPhone 13, which is expected to arrive sometime between September and October. Not only does the upcoming reveal mean a new model in ...
Time to update your devices again.
Apple users would know that iOS 14.5 just dropped very recently, and it includes a very essential securty feature. But it seems Apple has made some upgrades to the version, and for good reason.The Verge reports that the update is a solution to the ...
Ranked from the cheapest to most expensive.
The Mac Index is a website that lists Apple products and their respective prices in countries all over the world, both in Philippine peso and the country's currency. For this list, we chose the top 15 countries and their prices for each ...
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