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There's a lot of competition for precious bandwidth.
Have you been experiencing slow internet lately? If watching YouTube and Netflix, or uploading Tiktok videos have been keeping you occupied in the confines of your home, you may have to start putting a cap on your time spent.In an interview with DZMM this ...
You often send your messages to the incorrect group.
On a scale of one to "I can't keep up," how many groups in Messenger are you part of? Don't even bother answering because we're pretty sure that whether it's five or 15, you know these struggles just the same:You've been wondering why no ...
There's no need to change your router or service provider, too!
Nowadays, it can be tough to find a home without Wi-Fi. In fact, a strong and stable connection is considered to be a necessity in most households. Sometimes, we even go the extra mile and pay for the best service providers just ...
Janina Vela has some helpful advice!
If you've always wanted to start a YouTube channel but don't know where or how to begin, today is your lucky day because Janina Vela (one of the most successful Filipina YouTubers, NBD) just answered a whole lot of questions about it. ...
You know them as Zoella and NikkieTutorials. Meet the people who have made money from social media.
These days, you'll find that more and more people are monetizing their social footprint—digital influencers aren't just about #feedgoals, they're actually becoming career goals, too. If you've ever wondered just how influential your favorite social stars are, you might want to pay attention.Forbes just ...
Time to unplug.
The internet has become a part of our daily lives to the point that most of us say that we can't live without it...even though we really can.It's sad that most of us have become comfortable with the idea of seeing our ...
Here's proof!
We see cats everywhere from the streets to a friend's home—and mostly roaming around the internet as funny cat videos or memes. But have you ever wondered what made cat videos so popular that they became one of social media's biggest stars?This ...
The shy 15-year-old is a pro at talking to the camera!
On most days, she's a regular girl—a daughter, sister, friend, student—while on other days, Angelina Montano is all glammed up and taking over the internet, either through her flawless selfies, singing chops and ukulele-playing skills, and her paintings.And because not everyone gets ...
From Damn, Daniel to #MarcosNotAHero
From online trends to viral videos, so much has happened this 2016 that we will surely never forget. Our generation, with the help of social media, has had so much fun with endlessly discovering random #challenges and share-worthy memes, and we can't wait ...
If you're feeling guilty eating that whole bar of chocolate, you're not alone!
If you're really strict about your diet, take a moment and give in to all the chocolate goodness. It's not bad to treat yourself once a while. Here are 10 funny memes about chocolates that'll help you justify your chocolate addiction!  Which one ...
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 It's alcohol that does not taste like alcohol! If you don't like the taste of alcohol too, you got to check out these drinking spots! ( The stages of a BFF breakup. Learn these stages so you could avoid this emotional heartbreak!  (via This is how you could ...
After attending his birthday party, Taylor Swift has been rumored to be dating Drake. Love it or hate it? Here are some of the internet's witty and clever reactions!
We love both Taylor Swift and Drake as musicians and we think they both make really good music! But after Tay was spotted at Drake's birthday shindig, rumors about them dating have been spreading like wildfire. We're not against Tay's quest on ...
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A Simple Learner Who's a Great Pretender

Maybe I'm just a learner, not a weirdo. A learner that knows how to listen and pretend. A simple learner who's a great pretender. Pretending to be slightly dumb enough not to be judged and criticized by those who do not appreciate my existence. We surround ourselves with people who's levels are either beyond or below our intellectual behavior, because as for reality, people may use you either for their success or your downfall. Since then, people tend to judge someone who has an intellect with things they shouldn't be. Making them a criticizer, and most of all, calling them weird.

Honestly, I'm one of this "weirdo" who actually loves to learn things, and for the record, I'm bullied and stressed out for making myself not to learn more and go with the flow to dumbness I had. Have you ever feel being assigned to some task where you know every process to make it easier and faster to finish but turns out to hesitate to voice out because some of your mates put themselves in charge. There are times where I know what to do, what to say, or how to react, but kept myself silent and pretend not to know anything that may help us. Maybe it's a good thing to just go with their ideas and learn from their perspectives, but sometimes you can't control it and says something, and once again called to be a weirdo and let you finish the work by yourself.

It's annoying that you only know one process yet they gave you the whole work and let you finish it by yourself because they insist that "MAGALING KA DIBA?". It's not your fault being an intellectual person, knowing such things that may help you to pursue your dreams, and have the basic knowledge about something. You don't need to know everything, just the basics. And as for those people who do not appreciate your existence, let them be and continue what's the best for you. In some cases, you'll be annoyed by this but most of the time you'll be thankful for it. Not for now but maybe later. Just be yourself either a weirdo, a great pretender, or a simple learner, and always remember to lower your voice and behavior because no one loves that.

Just be a great pretender not to hear any runts and be a good learner that appreciates everything. It's out of nowhere thoughts of mine, but simply I leave you this my favorite life quotation; "Don't introduce yourself, Let your success introduce you"

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