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Here are famous people who went to International School Manila, Brent International School, and more.
A classic school yearbook will always have a section guessing which student is "most likely to be famous." The superlative isn't really a guarantee of anything but the odds for fame seem to be greater for international school students. From Bimby Aquino ...
ISM students are expected to come to school through rain, sun, storm, snow, hail, traffic, or all of the above combined.
If you've ever attended a regular school, you'll know that every school has its own quirks, traditions, and distinguishing qualities. An Assumptionista can be easily identified by her distinctive style of cursive, and a Povedan can be spotted from a mile away ...
Going to an international school leaves you with some pretty distinctive qualities. Take a look at these and see if you can relate to any of them!
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