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We're just as confused as you are.
Andrew Garfield has had the internet on its knees ever since his return to the big screen with Tik, Tik…Boom and Spider-Man: No Way Home. As the online world’s current obsession, revered for both for his marvelous acting chops and his brilliant ...
Kendall wore a sheer Givenchy gown inspired by the 1964 film.
With this year's Met Gala celebrating American fashion, it was only fitting for the attendees to reference some of the country's biggest fashion icons. Audrey Hepburn was obviously on the list, being the inspiration behind Kendall Jenner's dazzling frock by Givenchy.Kendall's sheer, silver-embellished ...
Thinking of working abroad after graduation?
A great number of overseas Filipino workers were sent home due to the global economic shutdown. Because of this, many workers question their ability to find or rebuild a career in another country.The good news is that despite the continuous challenges of the pandemic, ...
Miley Cyrus' birth name isn't actually Miley Cyrus.
Some of the most famous celebrities nowadays actually go by a different name offscreen. In case you didn't know, these celebrities go by stage names, and there are interesting stories behind most of them.The model explained in an interview with Vogue that "Gigi" is ...
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