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Still love the salted egg trend?
Foodies who still can't get over the salted egg food trend need no introduction to Irvin's and its growing line of salted egg-coated snacks. After Irvin's Singapore launched Salted Egg Gyoza Skin, Salted Egg Salmon Skin, and Salted Egg Prawn Rolls earlier ...
Which of these have you tried?
Here are 10 instant noodle brands from around the globe:Hailing from Japan, Cup Noodles (known in Japan as Cup Noodle) was invented in 1971. Instant-noodle creator Ando had already established Nissin by then, but was struck with yet another eureka moment as ...
Have you heard of the Kylie Jenner ramen?
Don’t get us wrong—as a broke college student who can’t cook for our lives, instant noodles are godsent. ‘Pag walang budget, instant noodles. ‘Pag nanonood ng K-drama, instant noodles. ‘Pag bored at walang magawa, instant noodles! Bottom line is, eating instant noodles ...
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